OKE Weekly Presentations: Barae Fethi speaks about Creativity

Creativity is the key to problem solving, to turning the boredom and monotony into joy and optimism. People who long to be creative should know that it is always possible…

The Weekly OKE Leadership Talk: Rayan

This week, together we will explore some interesting tips of a better friendly communication. The Grab and Go tips will be very useful to help avoid speaking about touchy subjects,…

The Weekly OKE Leadership Talk

This week, we invite Merriam Smaha to speak about how you can turn your dreams into goals. Her presentation is not only inspirational but also instructive. Enjoy and Happy…

The Digital Age: Learning IT with Nouefel. ( B1 and B2)

Dear Friends, We are still dealing with the Digital Age and we are closer to the end of Jobs movie. We are about to start creative learning activities. Hence, The…

ANNOUNCEMENT: Parents’ involvement in building the students’ leadership skills, in flipped learning classes. 2018-2019

Dear Leaders, As planned, This year I will meet with the parents next Saturday, October 13, 2018 ( from 10:00 to 12:00 am). The goals of the meetings is: Parents'…

OKE Language Center Berkane Big Day May 2018  

OKE Language Center Berkane Annual Big Day IFC: The students’ attitdes  

Flipping movies: Creative stage

A special guest: Mr. The Ambassador of the USA

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Leaders: start small, think big, act big and the result will be big

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