May 17, 2019  

A2 c and A2 Juniors: Ramadan Jokes (1) ( Deadline is Tuesday night or Wednesday morning)

Hi Leaders,
Do you love humor?
This weekend, we will have a crazy activity: Joke translation. In other words, we will watch a wonderful Comedian – Abdelkader Secteur. His show is in Arabic, but WE will translate it into English. So why choosing this activity?a- Vocabulary and Spelling
b- Spontaneous speaking ( which is one of our biggest challenges)
c- Writing
The link is:
The deadline is Tuesday night or Wednesday before 10:00 am ( morning)
Happy Time


  1. Hi teacher,how are you ? Fine.I think that you travel to a lot of city.Me too,I travel to Rabat,mohamadia, stat and also I travel to Saïdia and Oujda.
    But,I want to tell you à question :when we are going to study?


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