November 6, 2017  

Creativity: Speak your project


  1. How cute is that! We start small, think big, act big and the result will be big. The one and the only best way to built a great personality that can make life great and a story worth telling.

  2. I really was impressed by how she is confident and not shy to share this recipe with us , i think that she is really creative . As Albert Einstein said: “creativity is contagious ,pass on it”.

  3. This look very appetizing Chef ! i will try your breathtaking recipe .
    Also , never give up . I know one day you will be roaring success .
    Good luck !

  4. I think that we need more people as this brave girl because she is not shy but confident of her self. I liked her very much, also l agree with you teacher that we start small then big, think long and big

  5. Firstly I will thanks her for the very marvelous recipe , and I guess that she can be a popular chef if she works hard on this project


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