October 16, 2017  

love your work and focus ( Ouiam Moumen)

Once I read somewhere success is the outcome of what you do, not of who you are or how you look and that really hit me deep because as a learner there are traits that we should all strive to develop in order to reach our goals. In point of fact, most of people think a student is successful when they get good academic grades, but when you look a little closer you find out these achievements are results of parroting injudiciously the teachers’ words. I strongly believe that a student is successful when he feels, every morning, something that awakens his love for school pushes him to hurry, ignoring any circumstance. This passionate person who has fallen in love with the goal he has set and works hard for it. He toils and moils, sacrifices pushes and pushes, mentally and physically, challenges his limits to make the impossible possible; He is convinced that positive change requires effort as the quote goes on “the roots are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”.

Apart from passion and diligence, focusing is one of the most influential factors. Experts, including psychologists agree that a student needs to halt whatever distracts him from his big goals. The only surefire way to achieve success is sticking to one thing and doing it meticulously. What distracts, no matter how interesting it might look, destroys your dreams in a very discreet way. Focus on one thing and get good at it is much better than trying many ending up completing nothing. As the old saying goes: “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.



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