October 15, 2017  

Success: how can you be achieved? ( Barae Fethi)

Seven years ago, a high school student from a poor family was sat next to Richard on a plane; she picked his brain on what leads to success. Richard John felt so bad since he couldn’t give her a good answer. However, he spent seven years interviewing 500 successful TED speakers and conference goers to find the traits successful people all have in common. He ended up narrowing their responses to these eight traits, condensed to a short 3-minute video. According to Richard, one of the most important keys steps to achieving success in life is passion. While you may get results in the short term without having passion, in the long term it makes the difference between achieving success and failing. Why? Because there are difficult times on your way to success. There are times when you feel like you are working for nothing, that you don’t get anything in return for all your effort. In such difficult times, only passion can keep you moving forward. Yet, The questions that we may ask are the following : Are you willing to do it for free? Are you willing to do it if nobody paid you? Are you willing to do it even if you got no reputation out of it? If your answer is yes, then there is a good chance you will succeed. That’s because by answering yes you are saying that you do it because of love and nothing else. You care about it. When you are passionate about what you do, your passion will show up in your work. If you are blogger, it will show up in your writings. If you are a speaker, it will show up in your speeches. If you are a product designer, it will show up in the products you design. The energy and excitement are there, and they attract people to come to you. Everything else will follow.Not only will passion lead you to achieving success, it will also lead you to a fulfilling life. You will become who you are. You will become the person you are supposed to be. That, after all, is the reason why you live on earth.

Then, comes work hard : Life is full of twists and turns. Everyone has to struggle here in this world to conquer every hindrance in the way to success. For this hard work is obligatory. Without working hard and just by sitting idle, it will be hard for one to get success. As a Scientist said : «Since from childhood and till now I always remember the sentence that my parents used to tell me “To be a better person in life and to get success you have to work hard, the result of hard work is always rewarding, so you have to work hard.” » There is a well-known proverb “no pain, no gain” hard work never goes wasted. Although it may be later or sooner success comes to your feet. When people thrive in life, it is because of hard work. Being lucky has nothing to do with success in life. Hard work and success go hand and hand. With that stated, I’m not a big believer in luck being the reason for someone’s success in life. I’m not saying that I do not believe that luck does not exist or that luck is only a part of life but hard work is more important. Hard work can make impossibilities possible.

Nevertheless, we don’t have to forget to laugh and have fun, as I listen to some people across the country, the second most frequent complaint I hear is that “the fun is gone.” It’s not like it used to be. There’s more work than ever, and fewer people to do it. Stress is up, and loyalty is down, Unfortunately, many people are guilty of killing fun in the work environment .Yet, I think that if people are having fun, they’re going to work harder, stay longer, maintain their composure in a crisis and take better care of what they are doing . As a genius said: ‘If you aren’t having fun in your work, fix the problem before it gets serious. And if you don’t fix it, go away before you spoil the fun for the rest of us.’

The third key is practice. As a quote goes on: there is no glory in practice, but without practice there is no glory. Practice is one of the most important pillars of success. The fourth factor was focus, Focus is a major tool of success and happiness in life. The most successful people on this planet are highly focused. They pay attention to the present moment and present tasks. This habit ensures they are fully engaged in activities, get more done properly and deal with adverse life events better. Highly focused people are simply mindful. They don’t do many things that many of us might be prone to do.

The fifth factor is to push yourself mentally and physically, you should push yourself harder and higher until you reach your goal. Last but definitely not least, helping others to succeed can be your greatest success. As matter of fact, I personally think that the secret of success is to subjugate your ego to serve others .You should use your power to help others. Finally, you need to learn about anything and everything to come up with new ideas and obviously you need to listen, observe, be curious, ask questions,  solve problems and make connections.


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