September 22, 2017  

At The Gogo Land

When black ominous clouds covered the sky threatening rain,a bolt of lightning tore across it and a curtain of rain started pelting down.The weather never kept us from sailing and pirates as audacious as us wouldn’t be stopped by a rough weather,so,I decided to let my gang know that we’re sailing tonight,just like any other night.
A fleet of ships led by mine set sail.We were navigating on a very calm pace,until we noticed the approach of a devasting whirlwind that may just put an end to our lives and wreck our ships into tiny little pieces.We tried and tried to change the ships’ direction but it was all in vain,our dreadful destiny was inevitable.We attempted to battle the hurricane and I couldn’t remember the last thing that really happened until I fould myself laying on a sand that sparkled like glitter in the sunlight.The island had appealing shimmering blue water and I couldn’t quit thinking about the sweet smell of coconuts growing on the massive palm trees.I had forgotten about everything and everyone with that view but I quickly remembered: “My gang,my ship,where am I? where are they?”
Of course,nobody was there to answer my questions.So I started my journey to look for the gang…I’ve searched and searched for hours successively but my it was all pointless. I decided to rest for a couple minutes so as to start searching again…I tried to ignore the emptiness of my belly and the starvation I felt and slept,until something sturdy fell on my head and woke me up with terror. I broke out in a cold sweat expecting that to be some monster.However, it only was a coconut that fell on my head. As I was trying to pierce the coconut to eat it,I glimpsed some yellow glitter that wasn’t usually found in ordinary coconuts.I couldn’t open the coconut completely before a huge monster came out of nowhere.He was a monstrous fire-breathing hybrid creature composed of the parts of more than one animal. It seemed to be a lion with the head of goat arising from its back and a tail that ends with a snake head.It was no way for me to fight such a creature over a coconut no matter how extraordinary that fruit was,so I just gave up to my miserable fate.
“This is the Goco land, and nobody should be able to get here except for me,I own this land,how did you get here? and Why are you here?” He said with a loud gravely voice that made me wince.Words couldn’t come out of my mouth although I tried to say something,but as the enraged look covered¬† his face,I couldn’t keep quiet still and said : “I..Wwwwass onn a trip..and I don’t kn..oow hoow I got hh..ere…”
His eyes had gotten all red and yelled :”STOP STUTTERRING AND SPEAK ” !
I told him the whole story and he said that he would have to kill me so that the Island stays a secret.
“Those human beings have become monsters,once they know about a place as marvelous as this one they’ll start coming in groups just like flocks of gulls.They’ll demolish my Goco Island.I can’t risk that,I have to kill you”.
My promises to keep it a secret were not enough for the weird creature to trust me.But I couldn’t allow him to kill me that way…The battle had started between us and my sharp iron hand helped me to have the final knockout and put his life to an end…After a long tough battle,I decided to reward myself by having a small meal composed of coconuts..and as I finished opening it, the surprise was enormous.It wasn’t as normal as coconuts we see everyday,it was stuffed with gold…
I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was extremely cheerful.I decided to take as many coconuts as possible and come back whenever I want without telling anyone about the Goco Island.I started searching for a ship or a boat to go back to my city and finally be rich,then,I found a huge submarine and I got on it in order to come back …My joy doubled at the yellow glitter coming out of a treasure full of gold…It was all mine now,And I finally became richer than ever.
A month after finding the treasure,I decided to come back to the Goco land. My joy couldn’t even last more than a month because someone had followed me that day and revealed the secret about the Island.People took all coconuts left and the island became a disaster.Then ,I remembered the words of the weird creature about human beings,and realized just how right he was.

Kawty Latifi


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