October 25, 2015  

Education: Say No to exclusion. -Meriem Btiti.

Cyndi lauper was right as she said :” I believe a strong society is an inclusive society , if we want to win big then we’d better include everybody because we need everybody ” .

It is beyond a shadow of doubt that social exclusion has become a subject of fierce discussions . Everyone can contribute somehow in strenghtning his society . However , we can widely notice that children all over the globe are relegated to the fringes of the society and deprived of various rights and for several reasons : religion , colour or economic class .

The marginalization has risen and Malala herself enlarged upon it in her book, I am Malala . She proved the readers that poverty can be one of the main reasons that lead to exclusion as she said that parents would take their children out of school , after finding out that they “shared classes with down-at-heel kids whose parents stitched their clothes or cleaned their houses” (I am Malala). Robeena is another live example of this scourge : She has to pay an expensive price of belonging to the jat’s community as she doesn’t have an ID so she can’t go to school ( Girl education, Euronews). She, instead, sells bracelets to survive.

We, people all over the globe, must muster our efforts and stand up for these down and out kids . They need us . We must drag them from exclusion to inclusion . Malala once said : ‘ one child , one teacher , one book and one pen can change the world ‘ .



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